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Well Family System


how might we enhance the user-experience of visually impaired individuals shop online for groceries? 

These features were added to the application in order to enhance accessibility for visually impaired indivduales. These features were added based on user-research conducted.

App Features

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Detailed Descriptions

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Freshness Selector

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Smarter Voice Feature


Based on all the data points collected from the interviews/secondary research we set up our persona, Eduardo.


We referred him throughout the entire product development process. Having Eduardo's perspective was helpful to understand the type of user we were targeting.


He is a non-tech-savvy adult who usually gets the assistance of her daughter, but she lives too far away, and also she's too busy with her new baby to assist him any time he wants to perform a purchase.


Just like the persona, we based the affinity map on the interviews/secondary research.


We refined, categorized, and prioritized the research findings.




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